I am origin,
I am soul

image of a steak offered at origen restaurant in cáceres

Origin is:

The seed that germinates in the fields.
The beginning of the products of land and sea.
An ode to the purity of our ingredients and the respect for quality.
It is the Extremadura region and the products with which it blesses us.
A space for all and with deep-rooted roots to our land.
The treatment of the product in its condition purer.

Feel the origin:

Origen Restaurant is a multi-space located in CáceresThe restaurant, inside Gran Hotel Don Manuel, is a versatile, vibrant restaurant with soul, unique and with its own identity.

Define our traditions to appreciate them through change and evolution. Go back to the beginning, to the basics and how we understand cooking. Join us on this journey into the past, into the now, and be surprised with our gastronomic experience.

We believe in the value of the local and we work with suppliers from Km0 to show you the gastronomic quality of Extremadura and specifically of Cáceres.
In our wide gastronomic variety you will find dishes from the sea and the landseasonal and timeless, traditional and innovative, hot and cold...but all elaborated with the treatment of the product in its purest state.
denominación de origen de Extremadura

Our menu:

"We are the tradition that returns, because there is no modernity without tradition. We are the beginning and the end".


Restaurant Origen Cáceres

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Travel through our cuisine to the origins of the land.
From seed to plate, from plate to your senses.
Origen, relive the time and live the moment.
I am inspired by fire and the cult of the product.

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