What does Origin mean?

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The meaning of originin a broad sense, it can refer to the root, basis or beginning of somethingeither physical, historical, cultural or philosophical. It can also refer to the beginning or first appearance of something, as well as its causes, circumstances and development.

For us, "Origin" fully represents the meaning of the gastronomic experience. we offer to our diners and the products we fundamental principles of our cuisineThe company's cuisine, which unites the essence of traditional dishes and allows the ingredients to speak for themselves, with culinary innovation and a commitment to sustainability, quality and exclusivity.

Nuestro Restaurante Origen en Cáceres Alma en la cocina y brindamos una atención personalizada como un servicio excepcional, gracias a un equipo altamente capacitado. Valoramos la quality of fresh and local ingredients, and simple and authentic preparation. of our dishes. We want our customers to feel at home, to enjoy a unique and memorable culinary experience, and to be the protagonist of their own story. 

We believe in the philosophy that the careful and respectful treatment of the product in its pure state is the basis of a successful cuisine. Therefore, we work with ingredients of proximity, and we practice sustainable practices in production and transportation. 

Why does Origen define us?

  1. Because it refers to the roots of our cuisineEmphasize the importance of fresh and authentic ingredients, and traditional and regional dishes.
  2. Because it expresses our focus on innovation and culinary creativityEmphasizes the search for new ways of interpreting and reinventing classic dishes and recipes.
  3. Because it demonstrates a commitment to the sustainability and responsibility environmental: Emphasize the importance of working with local, organic and seasonal products to reduce environmental impact.
  4. Because it talks about quality and exclusivityA unique and exceptional culinary experience in a unique and memorable setting.

What is Origin, soul in the kitchen?

Origen is a tribute to the roots and flavors of the Extremadura region. Somos un restaurante ubicado en Cáceres que se expresa con sinceridad y autenticidad en cada uno de nuestros platos, y siempre tenemos presente nuestro profundo respeto hacia la purity of ingredients. In fact, our name, "Origin", refers to this philosophy and the importance we place on the quality and authenticity of our ingredients.

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In our restaurant, we want our customers to experience the culinary richness of Extremadura in a unique and authentic way. To do so, we work with local and seasonal ingredients, and prepare traditional dishes with a unique and authentic touch. personal and creative touch. In addition, we value the importance of sustainability in the production and transportation of ingredients to contribute to a more sustainable future.

In short, at Restaurant Origen, Soul in the kitchenWe seek to offer our diners the authenticity and culinary richness of Extremadura in a unique and memorable way, respecting the product, the environment and local producers, thus maintaining our commitment to contribute to the local community.

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